What makes AdXpansion different from other ad networks ?
Refer publishers with our affiliate program

NEW - Affiliate Program

Get paid for your referrals. AdXpansion features the most unique Promo Tools in the industry. We use our own ad serving platform to display the most effective affiliate banners on your site. Earn 2% of Advertiser deposits and 20% net profit on Publisher traffic. See our FAQ section for more details.

Take advantage of our exclusive In-player ad solution

Double your eCPM with our In-Player ad solution

Only AdXpansion gives publishers the flexibility of placing contextual ad units within their player. These ad units have proven to bring in more revenue while remaining relatively unobtrusive to surfers.

Set your min eCPM

No-Risk design

AdXpansion lets you choose the minimum eCPM you want to for your traffic. If we can't meet your price, we will return the ad space back to the ad provider of your choice. All of this happens in real-time so you don’t lose any revenue for your traffic.

Get the most out of your advertising space

Get paid more for your ad space by showing relevant ads

AdXpansion matches the context of your content with advertisers in real-time. Advertisers are willing to pay more for highly-targeted traffic which means a higher eCPM for you. AdXpansion pays a competitive rev share based on publisher traffic quality and volume.

Control advertisements by category


Our powerful platform gives publishers the ability to exclude or include ads they want by popular categories. For example, you can easily choose not to show dating or cam site advertisements. Or choose to show only Gay ads on your site. The choice is yours. Contact us for more details

Set up your account and start selling your traffic

Sell your traffic today

Create an account for free. Follow our easy implementation process. Once your site is approved, targeted advertisements will appear shortly thereafter.

Get paid quickly

Get paid quickly

AdXpansion pays out twice a month net 5 - the fastest in the industry. Get paid by cheque, wire or PayPal. No hassle collecting from multiple advertisers. We do it for you.

Earn Money Now