Ad Formats

Banner Ads

AdXpansion accepts gif, animated gif, jpg, png and flash banners with a max file size of 300k.

Mobile Ads

AdXpansion accepts gif, animated gif, jpg and png banners with a max file size of 50k.

AdXpansion Inno-Text Ads

AdXpansion is the only ad network in the industry to give you Innovative Text ads featuring dual-layers and images. With Inno-Text ads, every click is more valuable than conventional text ads. Advertisers have the advantage of displaying a clear message on the first layer and delivering more details on the second layer when the user rolls over the ad.
Advertiser Benefits
User initiated action - see more detail by rolling over the ad. User is informed before they click – more qualified visitors. Images with every text ad increases exposure / reinforces branding.
Publisher Benefits
Increased revenue - Advertisers willing to pay more for quality traffic. Images increase user interest and click-thrus. Control over ad placement, look and feel.
User Experience
Un-obtrusive ads. Ability to see more without clicking. Images with text ads are more appealing than text alone.
Try our sample text ads in this 300x250 ad space

Iframe Ads

Iframe ads give sophisticated advertisers more control to increase their conversions. Iframe ads are only available on a CPM billing model.

Popunder Ads

A popunder ad appears when a user clicks on a website using AdXpansion popunder ads. Your offer will be displayed behind the current window the user is visiting. This is a very effective method of advertising as the user can focus on your offer once they are done browsing the site publisher's site.